Helps you prevent fraud & misuse with customizable fuel controls, driver profiles business decisions.

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AmeriFuel has partnered with Truck Depot to provide you with Convenient On-Site Fueling!

Truck Depot has partnered with AmeriFuel to provide convenient on-site fueling and fuel cards for over the road purchases at the Truck Depot location: 8101 NE 14th Place in Portland, Oregon

Now your drivers will be able to fuel their trucks at Truck Depot!

AmeriFuel is a nationwide fleet fueling service that provides a comprehensive, one-stop solution for managing fuel programs and costs.

​​​​• Avoid traffic at busy truck stops ​​​​
Avoid downtime and wait times at truck stops ​​​
Simplify your fueling​​​​​
Prevent misuse and fraud with our customer card
  controls and fraud alerts

View your expenses by driver and by vehicle to help you make smart business decisions.

You can earn rebates at gas stations nationwide on the AmeriFuel network.

Our integration tool combines retail, cardlock and bulk tank transactions to track ALL gallons.